Compliance with legislation, regulations and internal rules is a top priority at Porsche Holding. Compliance with rules and standards is the only way to prevent damage to our company, our employees and the parties with whom we conduct business. Early detection and appropriate handling of cases of misconduct is therefore very important, to ensure that the misconduct ceases immediately.

To accomplish that, it is vital for everyone to remain attentive and be willing to report any concrete grounds for suspecting potential instances of serious infringement of rules or regulations. Reports from business associates, customers and other third parties are also important.

The whistle-blower system is used for sending reports regarding serious infringements of legislation or regulations. That includes in particular infringements which could seriously damage the reputation or financial interests of Porsche Holding or any of its companies.

The whistle-blower system is a key element of effective management. As part of a fair, transparent set of procedures, the whistle-blower system protects the company, the parties involved and the whistle-blower himself/herself. The system is based on uniform and efficient processes and internal experts who can handle whistle-blower reports confidentially and in a professional manner.

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