Used cars you can trust. Guaranteed.

Das WeltAuto is a worldwide known program of Volkswagen Concern dedicated to sales and servicing of used cars. The core of this program - high standards of technical and exterior state of cars, specified branding of sales outlets, selection of unique services and offers.

Das WeltAutopartners strive to provide used cars customers with high quality and reliability on the level of Volkswagen Concern standards. Those cars, which are involved in Das WeltAuto program, pass complete diagnostics according to the manufacturer's requirements. All accompanying documentation and qualitative accessories are essential parts of every car equipment. Bodies of cars have no external damages and legal "purity" is beyond doubt because license plates and unique numbers of car parts are verified by dealer before selling.

For our clients it means that all cars proposed under Das WeltAuto brand  are completely and thoroughly checked  that guarantees you protection from unpleasant situations while driving.    Moreover, Das WeltAuto is not only minimal risks when buying a used car, but also the highest level of service and care.