A revival of the Kryvbas FC and a vehicle as a gift: Volkswagen Center Kryvyi Rih has presented a Volkswagen Caravelle vehicle to the football team


Supporting a healthy and active lifestyle and sports including football on the European level is a good tradition of Volkswagen brand, and Volkswagen Center Kryvyi Rih as a Volkswagen Official Dealership could not have stayed on the sidelines.

To celebrate the revival of the renowned football club, Volkswagen Center Kryvyi Rih has given the football team a Volkswagen Caravelle vehicle as a present. 

The FC's President Kostiantyn Fedorovych Karamanits became the car keys and branded footballs. 

The match has officially been opened by Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky who had arrived to Kryvyi Rih with a working visit. The President himself has begun the game with a kickoff at the center of the field.

The revival of the football club has been celebrated by a festive "Kryvbas - Cherkashchyna" match.


Volkswagen Caravelle is a universal assistant that will prove useful not only in the team's home city but also when the footballers need to play away games.

Team supporters also had an opportunity to win a football and a uniform presented as prizes by Volkswagen.