140 days passed during which medical and social workers made over 2500 transits while struggling with COVID-19.


 Since April 2020 Porsche Ukraine and Volkswagen have been assisting the medical workers in Kyiv in fighting the pandemic.

The doctors and healthcare employees have been able to reach their workplaces with speed and comfort for almost six months now.

10 social institution drivers performed over 1000 transportations of hemodialysis patients. The cars and fuel were especially handfuls when public transportation was suspended.



The vehicles that were used by the Kyiv Emergency Medical Services Center helped the workers stay mobile during the period of heavy-duty.

The doctors and health workers managed to make over 1500 transportations.

The doctors from the Kyiv City Emergency Medical Aid Hospital continue using the vehicles because the hospitals are full of patients, and they continue to work overtime for some time now.

The Porsche Ukraine team is infinitely grateful to the medical workers for their conscientious work and courage!