Audi Becomes a “Golden” Partner of the International Festival of Classical Music LvivMozArt


For the second consecutive year, company "Porsche Ukraine" together with the brand Audi became a "golden" partner of the International festival of classical music LvivMozArt, traditionally held in L`viv every August. The festival is dedicated to Franz Xavier Mozart, the son of brilliant Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In 1808-1838 he lived in L'viv and, being a famous pianist, conductor and educator, Franz Xavier significantly influenced the city musical life.

LvivMozArt is a big event in the classical music world. It is realized thanks to the enthusiasm and efforts of Oksana Lynìv, a well-known conductor, renowned not only in Ukraine, but worldwide. Oksana Lyniv is the founder and art-director of the Festival.

According to the organizers, 2019 is a special year for LvivMozArt because it is the year of Austrian culture in Ukraine. Therefore, the figure of a famous Austrian writer Josef Roth, who was born in the city of Brody near L'viv, became the main theme of the Festival.

Traditionally, LvivMozArt gathers leading orchestras and musicians from all over Ukraine and the world. Among them are BLJO/Bavarian Youth Symphony Orchestra, the Ukrainian Festival Orchestra (UFO), Academic Symphony Orchestra "INSO-L'viv", Eva Rabčevska, Avgustas Baronas, Anne Kirsch and others.

The cooperation between Audi and LvivMozArt is one of the most important projects supporting art and culture in Ukraine. At the Festival, musicians play not only classical music, but also some modern innovative works. It is this innovative spirit that fully corresponds to the Audi's tagline: "Benefits of High Technology". Translated from Latin, "Audi" means "listen" which emphasizes the company's commitment to music since its foundation more than 100 years ago till now. "Thus, for the second year in a row, we are willingly participating in the festival as its partners", said Denyu Bostandziev, Director of "Porsche Ukraine".