The book "Voices of Ukraine" was presented in Kyiv.


Recently the book "Voices of Ukraine" was presented during the "KyivPost Tiger Conference". This unique publication consists of interviews with 18 talented teenagers across Ukraine who talk about their lives, hopes and dreams. The book "Voices of Ukraine" was published by Porsche Ukraine with respect to the corporate social responsibility project in partnership with KyivPost.

The book describes unique inventions of young Ukrainians: how to make a "smart" dumpster, or build a greenhouse that will not suffer from bad weather. How, in virtue of organics, recycle poly bags that in a natural method are decomposing for 400 years and have already polluted our planet outrageously. All these were invented by Ukrainian teenagers. They dream that one wonderful day they will succeed to do not only a project but also a real product that will be useful to people.

During the presentation the author and originator of book Oksana Lyachynska mentioned, that when she was 15, she wrote a story about her achievements, dreams and hopes. Recently she found that publication that inspired her to write this book. According to Lyachynska, the words written at a young age can become "true revelation" later in life. The way young and bright people think and achieve success in Ukraine, can give us a picture of the future. "And it must be bright future, as Ukrainian young people believe in humanity without war and borders between countries", - wrote Lyachynska in a foreword to the edition.

Josef Graf, managing director of Porsche Ukraine, marked that the aim of "Voices of Ukraine" was to present outstanding ideas of young Ukrainians publically during recessionary time that Ukraine experiences over recent years. "The concept of such project appeared as far back as 2016. I am extraordinarily glad that this book came out by joint efforts. Convinced of ideas of young Ukrainians, their inventions, projects, histories, being described in this book prove that Ukraine will have the successful and prosperous future", - told Josef Graf on presentation of the book.

The book "Voices of Ukraine" was published in both English and Ukrainian. Number of copies printed is 1001. The on-line version of edition can be loaded on Amazon on You can also get to know better with teenagers, whose histories were included into the book at the KyivPost homepage by the link .

Promoters are planning to spread the book among schools, as its bilingualism, undoubtedly, will encourage learning of English by Ukrainian young people. Also copies of the book "Voices of Ukraine" will be delivered to Ukrainian political leaders and diplomats - the book will be a great opportunity to follow the "voice" of Ukrainian young people for them.