“Voices of Ukraine”: an Exceptional Book, Published by Porsche Ukraine in Partnership with Kyiv Post


Together with Kyiv Post Porsche Ukraine produced the 125-page book "Voices of Ukraine." It consists of interviews with 18 talented teenagers across Ukraine who talk about their lives, hopes and dreams. They represent a peculiar cross-section of the Ukrainian future - born in the early 2000s, these children were still at their school desks amid the EuroMaidan Revolution. Now, almost five years later, they are ready to change this world, due to their creative ideas, non-standard thinking and wish to work on their personal development.

The book describes young Ukrainians' unparalleled inventions: a "smart" weather-resistant greenhouse or a "smart" dumpster. How to organically recycle plastic bags which otherwise decompose for over 400 years and already heavily drabble our planet? These and other brilliant ideas were invented by Ukrainian teens. They dream one day to not only offer the project, but also create a real product that will be useful to people all over the world.

The idea to give a public voice to the young generation of talented Ukrainians belongs to Josef Graf, managing director of Porsche Ukraine, an official importer of Volkswagen, Audi and SEAT brands. He has been living in Ukraine with his wife Ruth for the last 11 years. He knows well the Ukrainian culture, traditions of our people and their mentality, he also understands the current Ukrainian problems. It is not surprising that Mr. Graf came up with the idea of introducing the truly talented and extraordinary young Ukrainians to the wide public.

"I started thinking about such kind of a project in the middle of 2016 when we had already few years of problematic situation in the east of Ukraine and Crimea," Graf said. "With business people in my sphere we always discussed bad things happening in Ukraine, such as war, people dying, low wealth and others. In a certain moment, I started realizing that this is not a positive approach for the future. I was convinced that one day we will have to turn this tendency around go into a prosperous and positive future." - says Josef Graf.

He is sure this young generation of Ukrainians will become a major driving force for positive changes in the country, and he hopes that such a book will motivate them to never lose their hearts. The promoters of this distinctive edition hope that the book will draw attention of the Ukrainian business, government officials, philanthropists, ready to invest in the implementation of innovative projects offered by the young Ukrainians.

"The secret for success in the long run is to go for your dreams and to keep on having visions," Graf said. "Look for the small things in life and take them for inspiration. Look for the small problems and solve them. Look for colleagues, for friends, for family members with whom you can share this inspiration. Talk about your visions, it makes them stronger. Share them, this makes them very strong. And realize them, this makes them become true." - emphasizes Josef Graf.

The bilingual book Voices of Ukraine, published in both English and Ukrainian, will be presented at the Kyiv Post Tiger Conference on Dec. 11. Every visitor will be able to take a free copy.