Porsche Ukraine provides Update on process regarding Golf Sportwagen (Variant)


Updated on 20.07.2018

On May 24, Porsche Ukraine reported indications of irregularities around the issuance of the homologation certificate for 2,800 Golf Sportwagen (Variant) model vehicles, which were produced in Mexico and imported into the Ukraine since September 2017 by Porsche Ukraine. There are no indications that any other models of the Volkswagen brand or the Group are affected. Regarding the potential irregularities concerning Golf Sportwagen (Variant) vehicles, an unconditional investigation is currently underway but not yet concluded.

The process of official communication with the competent authorities is ongoing to find a legally sound and customer-friendly solution. It is our clear objective that our customers do not suffer any disadvantages. The affected vehicles are classified as being roadworthy and fully operational. Porsche Ukraine makes major efforts; a possible shutdown of cars is considered to be highly unlikely.

We are working towards the certification of the affected vehicles and are currently looking into the precise details of this process. In this context, we have conducted several initial steps that led up to a successful certification. A potential re-registration is being assessed. Once the detailed process has been conclusively evaluated, all vehicles can be remediated preliminary within a reasonable period of a few months. We will guide affected customers through the upcoming process, intent to cover related costs and provide compensation for the inconvenience. For this, we will set up a scheme in which our extensive dealer network will accompany our customers in order to guarantee a swift implementation.

Porsche Ukraine very much regrets the inconvenience to customers and endeavors to reach a customer-friendly solution as soon as possible