Information about Volkswagen IDs intended for foreign markets


Volkswagen points out that a number of Volkswagen ID. Models intended for another market, including those produced in China, have been imported to Ukrainian market through unofficial channels. Please note that these relocated Volkswagen ID. Models have not been adapted for the Ukrainian market upon their manufacture: they have not been adapted for operation in Ukraine technically and they have not been brought in conformity with the Ukrainian regulations. Thus, no warranty coverage is provided for these relocated Volkswagen ID. Models in Ukraine, authorized dealers or any service facility approved by Volkswagen in Ukraine cannot repair any parts or components of such cars and cannot provide other service and maintenance in Ukraine.

This implies that, despite inaccurate claims made by unauthorized resellers, those relocated Volkswagen ID models do not come with an international warranty. Additionally, all service and maintenance requirements including warranty and goodwill cannot be undertaken by authorized dealers or any service facility approved by Volkswagen as the respective servicing network in Ukraine has not been adapted for servicing the relocated cars and no warranty coverage is extended to these cars. Furthermore, Volkswagen and the respective importer cannot provide the customers with Volkswagen Genuine Parts for those relocated Volkswagen ID. Models (and specifically those which are purely sold in China like Volkswagen ID.6) due to a number of regulatory issues.

Customers who do choose to buy through these unofficial channels should do so knowing that in addition to a lack of servicing, warranty and spare parts supply, the vehicles come with a software version intended for another market. Similar to warranty and servicing, this cannot be supported or cured by Volkswagen dealers. In addition, some of those unauthorized imported ID. models were built for Chinese market conditions only.

Volkswagen and the official importer remain committed to customers and therefore we strongly encourage customers to exercise the utmost caution and rethink purchasing a Volkswagen ID. model through unofficial channels. We recommend customers to visit authorized dealers to explore the latest range of available Volkswagen products that are officially released for sale in the specific market and come with the established warranty and servicing support. Volkswagen and the authorized importer will be happy to arrange contact with authorized dealers.