Volkswagen provides cars to fight famine and calls for responsible consumption.


Volkswagen is a global brand known around the world not only as a manufacturer of reliable and advanced German cars but also as a socially responsible company that resolves important problems of the people, focusing on environmental protection.

Porsche Ukraine and Volkswagen join an important social initiative and provide 2 cars for temporary use to the volunteers of the Food Foundation UA - a charitable organization in order to use them regularly to transport food packages for the people facing hardship.

The Food Foundation UA is a charitable organization and a food bank that carries out an important mission in Ukraine: fights famine and poverty, minimizes food waste and calls society to responsible consumption.

It is unbelievable that 3-5 tons of food are disposed of by a large grocery store each month, and around 30 % of waste discarded by Ukrainian families is food products. Meanwhile, poverty in Ukraine in 2021 is 51 % according to the UNICEF statistics.

Food Foundation UA cooperates with large grocery store networks and manufacturing companies by receiving food products that almost reached the expiry date or cannot be sold. Volunteers create complete food packages, add essential personal hygiene products, and hand them over to representatives of social groups who require food aid.

The Food Foundation UA team has been engaged in charitable activities for 7 years already, and the additional cars will, without doubt, help cover even more families requiring support and aid.