Information from Volkswagen AG


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,


You must have gathered from the current media reports that Volkswagen is working at full speed to clarify irregularities concerning particular software used in Diesel engines.


Please acknowledge one thing before all:

Securing the trust of our customers and that of the public is and will remain of paramount importance to us! We sincerely and deeply regret that we have abused your trust. We will take care of all your concerns quickest possible.


All affected vehicles are safe and roadworthy from a technical standpoint. The matter at hand applies exclusively to the emitted pollutants. We will resolve this. It goes without saying that we will take full responsibility and costs for the necessary arrangements and measures.

But this process will take time - time for an analysis of the circumstances and time to initiate technical measures.


New vehicles from the Volkswagen Group with EU 6 Diesel engines currently available in the European Union comply with legal requirements and environmental standards. The software in question does not affect handling, consumption or emissions. A noticeable deviation between bench test results and actual road use was established solely for Type EA 189 engines. Volkswagen is working intensely to eliminate these deviations through technical measures.


Please understand that we are currently not able to specify, which models and years of construction are affected. We will provide you with further information as soon as possible.


We at Volkswagen will do everything to fully regain the trust so many people put in us and do all necessary to avert further damage.